About Me

All about Zaan Smit’s

Personal Health and Fitness Training

Since I was 4 years old, I wanted to do sport. I took part in a variety of sports, from rugby, cricket, tennis, surfing, soccer, boxing, athletics, karate and you name it I wanted to do it. After school I studied Law, but soon realize that it is not for me.  I decided to go to the United Kingdom to study Personal Training and to play club rugby.  I then returned to South Africa and continued my studies in order to further my knowledge in health and fitness training. I since never looked back on my career choice! It is a satisfying job to help other people get into shape or better their lives either in living a healthier lifestyle or excelling in a specific sport.


Sports I excelled in

1) Pre-School first rugby team and boxing

2) School first rugby and cricket team and KZN and SA cloths in lifesaving

3) Champions for Crusaders Mr Price under 21the Dolphin rugby club in Ballito

4) Overseas club rugby for 2 years Body building:
- 2nd place at Boxburg Classics
- Free State provincials
- 4th place at South African overall/under 75 kg

My Personal Training Philosophy

We all do not have the genetics of a super athlete, but we have the potential to look, feel or do better.  Every individual is capable of attaining their optimum physical condition, if made aware by a professional of their potential and how to achieve it.

My Personal Training Mission

My mission as a Personal Trainer is to educate my clients about exercise, diet, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while empowering them to make the most of their abilities: through knowledge, direction and encouragement.


Commitment and Individual Attention

I see each training relationship as a collaboration, working together to make things happen. What I look for in a client is 110% commitment and a client that is ready for new challenges each week.
I will provide the necessary tools to accomplish the end results, through progressively challenging and invigorating workouts. I believe in variety, constantly changing and evolving exercise routines to ensure continual progress and alleviate boredom.